The Master Plan!

The drive to create a ground-breaking series is because of the quest for fame and fortune, but mostly fame, from the series Myth of the Legendary Warrior. The Golden Philosophy states: "An amazing quality product and service will directly translate to customer loyalty, and loyalty will directly translate to long-term sales, in essence a steady pay to live off of." Given this sentiment, loyalty of all the friends and fans as their numbers accumulate will ultimately be rewarded!

How will the statistic for loyal members be measured? By sales, namely. The series Myth of the Legendary Warrior shall be on sale (watch the links in the appropriate page) and the number of how many buy the books on a regular basis will deem the number of "loyal fans/followers/minions/whatever wording you prefer." In example, imagine Pilot Epic 1 has sold 12 copies online, but Pilot Epic 2 only sells 4. This is an inconsistency. However, if Pilot Epic 2 also manages 10 or more, then a safe assumption can be made that when Pilot Epic 3 is released, at least 10 people will buy that. Finally, throwing convention sales into the mix will complicate the formula, even though there is some possibility to consider them. For the simplest measurement, the online sales will be the prime determining factor.

So kids, if you've got the 5 dollars to spare, don't be afraid to ask Mom or Dad (or even your Nana/Nanny if applicable) to use their credit or debit card on your behalf. Seriously, even The Golden Knight has done that! So if the shipping name reads "John So-And-So" but the billing is to "Austin So-And-So," there won't be a problem.

About the Milestones!

These milestones have benefits for both the fans AND The Golden Knight! That means EVERYBODY benefits! Also, there are 3 points that need to be made clear, even if they should go without saying:

First, all of these are theoretical goals. That means I can live up to what I'm saying here under ideal circumstances, even though the bigger-scale goals (for bigger-scale numbers) are much hazier in execution than those more immediate. Also, the numbers are based strictly on the comic book at this time, so other opportunities on the side might open up further avenues for spreading the career; which may allow for objectives to grow faster.

Second, even if such a goal is reached, please allow a significant amount of time! These sorts of goodies don't necessarily spawn out of thin air, and even if they did, many will require some figuring out before smooth implementation.

Third, if a goal is never reached, then there should not be any pressure to try and live up to it. This is to prevent wasted time and energy, and to foil the occurrence of any "unrealistic expectations."

But the goods don't stop with milestones alone! Any "outstanding individuals" will certainly earn at least a salute, if not some sort of gift to be determined at the discretion of The Golden Knight. Whispers imply that those with enough gold coin to smelt can earn their own actual armor, complete with insignia!


Here are the milestones in their first iteration (and for each one reached, there will be a special page in the "Bonus" section to celebrate the achievement):


10 - The work on Myth of the Legendary Warrior shall be treated as a part-time job, and as such, you benefit from regular updates; arguably slow, but definitely regular; far better than the "whenever I feel like it" mentality that plagues most aspiring individuals. Every week, at least one day will be spent working on the next issue/epic/book/whatever in the series. If you'd like regular progress updates sent to you, be sure to send an e-mail with the subject "Subscribe" or something to that effect! Don't know the e-mail? That's what the Contact page is for! This also opens up a second method for measuring milestones, and allows The Golden Knight to become personally acquainted with his most outspoken fans! Finally, the closer to the 100 goal at the time, the more frequent the updates and the quicker the overall production.


100 - The work on Myth of the Legendary Warrior will be treated as a full-time job, even becoming reflected on The Golden Knight's resume! This means that under ideal circumstances, every week will see 40 hours devoted to the process of creation! The only exception will be if this rate drives him into the ground, in which case he will spend every ounce of effort and enthusiasm to reach as close to that goal as possible. Also, this amount of regular time projects the estimation that a new book will be available roughly every 2 months, CONSISTENTLY!


1,000 - RIBBONS FOR EVERYONE! There will be a special one-time-only promotional event where everybody who participates within a specific window of opportunity will receive a commemorative ribbon be it in the mail or in-person at a convention. This event will not occur a second time should the interest drop below this point and return to a steady 1,000.


5,000 - This is when fame and fortune begin to grow serious! From this level, the very creator of the series shall make an attempt to tour the national comic conventions in the United States! You live in Cincinnati? How about Dallas? Chicago? The coveted San Diego?! No problem! If you can drive to it, chances are you'll be able to find him! As for The Golden Knight? At this point, he will be able to live off his earnings! Also, by the time this milestone is reached, he will no doubt have been able to afford his "Iconic Golden Battle Armor!" So when you're at a convention, be on the lookout for that shiny heavy metal plate mail! If you're colorblind, just look for the mullet!


10,000 - MEDALS FOR EVERYONE! Similarly with the ribbons, this one-time-only event will not occur a second time should the interest drop below this point and return to a steady 10,000. Also in like manner, everybody who purchases within a designated time frame will receive a unique "service medal" for their - and ideally your - loyalty and devotion. Name recognition will be soaring through the roof, and now is the time to strike! This is the time to launch "Operation Endgame," which is just a fun way of saying: It is time to pitch Myth of the Legendary Warrior as a running TV show cartoon!


50,000 - MERCHANDISE! This will be the production of GOODIES from plushies of the cutest characters, to collector figures, to even the "Oculus Rift System Seller" assuming the Rift is still relevant. If not, then we'll look forward towards whatever the next "virtual reality revolution" is, even if it has to be personally spearheaded by The Golden Knight in whatever free time he can summon by the power of cheat-codes (that was a joke; CLEARLY "Real Life" has no "cheat-codes"). Also, the CONVENTION WORLD TOUR shall commence! That means The Golden Knight will travel internationally, to Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, and wherever comic conventions are held! If there is one in particular you think is likely to be missed (like one in Africa or Brazil or somewhere else), please send an e-mail to to clear it up.


100,000 - What can possibly be done at celebrity status? Lots of things, like buying and flying a personal F/A-18 Hornet (On second thought, that might better suit the next milestone...), but for what you should care about, something even cooler is in store: MotLWCon! It was originally going to be called "Mythcon" except such an event already existed. You read that right, and your brain is not going crazy! At this point, we can even coordinate our own convention! That's on top of the world tour! It's going to be crazy busy - maybe not even humanly possible - but curse it if we're not going to try and attend ALL of them! After this point, ALL further milestones will only go to benefit MotLWCon!


1,000,000 - The ultimate goal conceivable: "WORLD DOMINATION STATUS!" This is where if The Golden Knight can possibly cash in a couple days or week of vacation, this is the right time to fly that fighter jet. We pull out all the stops here, with a far juicer version of the "MEDALS FOR EVERYONE" promotion (namely, it'll involve a bigger and juicer medal to drape around your neck), AND the "MEDALS FOR EVERYONE" event will be a regular highlight of MotLWCon. Also, MotLWCon will be the place where everyone who's anyone will be there. The best upgrade imaginable will be an EPIC SCALE LARPING! (That's Live Action Role Playing!) It'll be complete with symphonic score, dramatic choir, and an orchestra of heavy riffing metal guitars! Boots will be on the ground, loud thunderous roars will immerse the sense of scale as swords clash and hammers bash, and singing about the glories of the battle will ensue throughout the dead of the night! If it's even possible, The Golden Knight will be shoulder-to-shoulder with YOU! OH, and this won't be a one-time promotional feature, oh no. This idea should take off and stay a key staple to the MotLWCon experience! It's so that YOU can feel like you are YOUR OWN Legendary Warrior! Feel the POWER course through your veins as if you have the strength of a thousand Spartan men! The only way that is better is when you find a million of your fellow fans feeling the same way, as all of them will ALSO be instilled with the strength of a thousand Spartan men! And when it is all over, you will hoot at the top of whatever lungs and voice box are left, "THAT WAS AWESOME!"